From day 1, our priority as a festival has been accessibility and sustainability. We’ve been working hard to achieve this goal, but the reality is that we don’t operate in a vacuum. Despite all our efforts, we are still living through a crazy time in our country – continued effects of the pandemic on our ever-changing habits and lifestyles, increasing layoffs in the tech sector and more, a tough job market, and an ongoing genocide being funded by our government all make day to day tough. 

We hear you. We see you. And to be honest, we’re feeling a lot of that ourselves.
Sometimes it can feel like we are so helpless in it all.
Like there is nothing we can do. 

But in times like this, the one thing we do know is that we DO have power. We just need to stay focused on what we DO have control over.

So here’s what we’re doing. It might seem crazy. But as a first-year festival, we’re all about living in the realm of possibility, and we’re all about making bold moves to challenge the status quo.

📣Today we’re announcing that  WE’RE ADDING SLIDING SCALE TICKETING OPTIONS 🎟️ for POC Food & Wine Festival. 📣

✨That’s right. Pay what you can.✨

If you feel compelled, moved, and inspired by our vision – PLEASE JOIN US AT THE TABLE. We will still have a minimum ticket price (as we need to cover costs of the festival, and trust us, it is not cheap), but we are creating significantly lower tiers and making them open to ANYONE who needs them. No need to request a code. We gotchu.

Our sliding scale ticket prices are “choose what you pay” and we invite you to kindly and honorably look at what is accessible to you. 

For those who have access to pay our regularly priced tickets 🙌🏽 THANK YOU.

Know that your purchase is helping make the event more accessible to others, while also supporting our team and our hard work to put the festival on, hopefully making it sustainable enough that we can continue to do this for years to come.

We all need a hand sometimes. And we all deserve JOYFUL, loving, and connected experiences with our community. 

Grab Your Sliding Scale Tickets

Thank you for your support! If you feel like your situation has changed and you’d like access to the sliding scale ticket prices, feel free to email us at to request a change. We’re happy to accommodate.

*Sliding Scale Ticket Options will close on Friday April 26th at 11:59PM PT, so make sure to claim yours now.* 

See you at the table.