Who Should Attend This Event?

1) People who are actively working in one of more of the following industries: Food, Beverage, Hospitality, Events, Music, Creatives

2) Values-aligned leaders & change-makers who care about improving diversity and access in one of these industries.


Industry Fam, we see you.

It’s been a trying time for our industries (Food, Bev, Hospitality, Events, Music, Creatives). Damn near everyone. But we’re all doing our best. The pandemic changed us forever. It changed our businesses forever. And it has still not really “come back” to how it was.

But there’s something we still have: EACH OTHER.

Not sure about you, but I got into this business for the PEOPLE. So being able to be in community with ALL of you continually, and do this amazing work with you all is the real BLESSING.

This festival is for YOU. Please join us for the weekend and INDULGE, ENJOY, CONNECT with each other. That’s really what this is all for.

Connecting necessary people, so we can make necessary change in our industries. So we can leave it better for future generations after us. Let’s be in community and remember why we do this work.

WE GOT THIS. WE GOT EACH OTHER. I hope to see you there!

<3 Gina Mariko // Founder, POC Food & Wine Festival

Join us for our Friday Industry Night Reception!

Our festival is all about the multicultural creative connections. And that includes between us who are putting on the show – the producers, the chefs, the production crew, the wineries, the vendors, the DJs.

Festival day is always so crazy and packed, so we hardly get to talk with each other and connect. Join us for  our invite-only Industry Night Reception and schmooze and connect with all our Chefs, Vendors, Sponsors, and Partners before the big festival day on Saturday.

  • Sponsored food, wine & spirits tastings, and music unite for a connected community celebration.
  • DJ scratch demo by world-renowned DJ Shortkut (Triple Threat DJs & Invisibl Skratch Piklz) and DJ Lök.
  • An engaging and connected INDUSTRY DISCUSSION on diversity & access – facilitated by the POCFW team – that is open to all community members who attend. Come brainstorm how we can continue to build diversity and access within our industries together. This will NOT be a panel style talk – we will be brainstorming ideas in small groups, sharing ideas & resources, and overall connecting with each other. 
  • All hosted in a beautiful, open, and welcoming creative space in San Francisco.

This is a great way for you to connect with industry leaders across multiple verticals! We look forward to hosting you.


6PM Event begins / Music, Vendors, Tastings, Reception

7PM Industry Discussion & Poster Session (we swear this will be fun!)

7:30PM DJ & Continued Vendors, Tastings, Reception

8PM: DJ Scratch Demo by Shortkut & Lok

9PM: Event ends. See you Saturday at Main Dish!


DJ Shortkut

DJ Lök


Pleasure Principle Supper Club
Pinx Catering
My Radish
Kareen Wine
Terra Sancta Company
Mad Marvlus
Duncan Peak Vineyards
Barber Lee Spirits
Formosa Chocolate
Ikenga Wines
Abstinence Spirits
Shunyi Cellars
Old Hillside Bourbon
Kareen Wine


Sparkle My Bubble
Handmade By PMaccay
Demby | Co
Hand in Henna
Annie’s T Cakes

VENUE // Four One Nine, San Francisco

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